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U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Web Site Development, 2006 - 2008

About 9 million children over the age of 6 are considered overweight in this country.  The American obesity epidemic has been passed to our youngest generation.

Overweight children are at far greater risk of developing some chronic diseases, including Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  In addition to putting their health at risk, overweight children are often subjected to exclusion by their peers, which can affect their emotional well-being. 

Teaching kids the importance of eating well and being physically active at a young age is crucial to reversing the trend of childhood obesity in this country.

Create an online environment  engaging for kids ages 6 to 11 where they can learn the importance of daily physical activities and eating well, at the same time ensuring that they don't sit at the computer too long and get physical activity in their daily life. 

The site includes an interactive quiz that teaches about nutrition and games that require some physical activity (ex. Shrek says). If the user stays on the site too long a timed pop-up opens that encourages him/her to get out and play.

The site has been updated in May 2007 from its initial launch in 2005. Once the project was awarded, the interactive services group worked with the development firm, campaign management and HHS to ensure the site was delivered on time and within the budget scope. The new site launched in May 2007, in English and in Spanish languages and consists of following interactive features:
 Engaging list of different foods and why they are good
 Interactive quiz about food and nutrition
 Games section with games/activities and wall paper downloads
 Section that allows kids to submit their own tips on how to stay healthy and active

The creative look and feel of the site carries on the theme of the offline campaign and emphasis on getting out and playing at least an hour a day.
 The site received 700,815 visits in 2007
 Average time spent on the site during 2007 is 3:15 minutes.

Budget: $45,000 $50,000

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