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Obesity Prevention
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SmallStep.gov Bracelet Giveaway Promotion
Obesity Prevention 2005


  • Goal was to increase visits to www.smallstep.gov, increase awareness for the campaign, and ultimately, to help people live a healthier lifestyle.
  • Obesity Prevention produced bracelets to be worn daily as a reminder to take small steps toward a healthier lifestyle.
  • A pair of bracelets were offered through the website free of charge, to anyone who filled out the order form.
  • Refer-a- friend and newsletter sign-up were also included in the form as optional features.
  • The 12,000 bracelet pairs were "sold out" in 18 days.
  • Web users posted links in online community forum sites and people rushed to order.
    • After first posting appeared on a forum site (4/21) daily bracelet orders increased 36x overnight. (from average 150 to 5000)
    • Within 3 days of forum posting, bracelets were "sold out".
    • 4/21 traffic spike: 9000 unique visitors, typically 3200 per day
  • Banners were produced to promote the bracelet, but were not into rotation until Monday, 4/25, the day the bracelet offer had to be pulled.
  • Newsletter subscriptions also spiked during the offer of the bracelet.
    • 8000 new newsletter subscribers signed up during month of bracelet offer
    • Prior months would see approximately 2000 new sign-ups
  • Refer-a-Friend- 4000 people used the refer a friend option to send an email about the SmallSteps site and bracelet offer.
  • 24,000 bracelets "on the streets" 5 weeks after launch with no press, banners or other promotion to drive people to site.
  • Buzz Marketing example, no promotion outside of the website offer was necessary.
  • If its free, people will come! Be prepared for influx and monitor daily
  • Manage expectations
    • "Limit one per household"
    • "Supplies limited, available to first XXX responders"
  • To create buzz, post offer on "free stuff" forums. It seems people may even be interested in downloading print and radio PSAs, since they are free. If it drives them to the campaign site, it might be worth it.
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