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Youth Civic Engagement Get Good Karma (2007)
Partnership with WeeWorld

Campaign Overview:
This PSA campaign encourages 18-24 year-olds to do some good specifically, to be civically active by appealing to their sense of karma. Do something positive and keep or get your karma in a good place. That's how the universe works.  It doesn't take much to affect positive change in the world around you. Whether it's volunteering, voting or just keeping up to speed on current events. Even the smallest acts can add to your karmic standing. 

The Federal Voting Assistance Program believes encouraging civic engagement is a message that needs to be consistent over time not just during an election year.  By consistently engaging people in civic action and getting them involved in community issues, it is also the hope that these people will be more likely to vote during election years.  

These PSAs humorously show how being apathetic and not civically engaged gives you bad karma.  No one wants bad karma, so in order to get good karma, one needs to become more involved.  The goal of this campaign is thus to inspire and encourage civic action, and also to increase traffic to this campaign's interactive website, www.GetGoodKarma.org, where you can test your karmic score and also learn more about ways to get involved in your community.

WeeWorld Overview:
WeeWorld is a rapidly growing social network in which users create cartoon versions of themselves called WeeMees.  These avatars can be used inside of WeeWorld.com to play games, chat, and send e-cards.  They can also be exported to instant messenger programs, blogs, other social networks, and mobile devices. 

The WeeWorld network engages users between the 13-30 years old (average age is 22) and over 16 million WeeMees have been created to date!
The Ad Council Interactive Services staff recognized the potential of working with WeeWorld and approached WeeWorld with the idea of using the Youth Civic Engagement Campaign Get Good Karma, for which the campaign target audience was a perfect match. 

Asset Sponsorship on WeeWorld:
WeeWorld agreed that the Get Good Karma campaign would work well within their Asset Sponsorship program.  In Asset Sponsorship WeeMee clothing, accessories, and environments can be branded and made available for download. 

To create assets in line with the Get Good Karma brand, the WeeWorld team used the look and feel of GetGoodKarma.org.  Nine downloadable assets were produced as well as 2 web banners that ran on WeeWorld.com.
The Karma web banners linked to a "promo payoff page" within WeeWorld where the user could select all Get Good Karma assets at once as well as click on a link to GetGoodKarma.org.


Promo Payoff Page:

Viral Marketing Platform:
Once created and produced, the Get Good Karma T-shirts, Placard, Karma Pet, and Background were made available for WeeWorld.com users to begin to interact with the brand as users dressed their "virtual selves" in the Get Good Karma gear.

The viral marketing experience occurred as WeeWorld users displayed their support of Get Good Karma both inside of WeeWorld and on outside chat programs, social networks, blogs, etc., such as AIM and myspace.com.


  • 52,285 total assets were downloaded 
  • The Karma Pet was most popular asset with approximately 14k applied
  • 11.6 million banner impressions were delivered on WeeWorld.com
         Average CTR 160x600  0.25%
         Average CTR 728x90    0.18%
         35,204 Unique Visitors viewed Promo Payoff Page
         43,399 unique visitors clicked through to GetGoodKarma.org

Asset Popularity Breakdown:

Karma Pet 13,954
Good Karma character t-shirt (male) 8,382
Karma Logo t-shirt _ female 5,260
Good Karma character_ female 5,280
Karma Logo t-shirt_ male 5,049
Get Good Karma Background 4,986
Bad Karma character t-shirt _ male 4,930
Get Good Karma placard 2,578
Bad Karma character t-shirt_ female 1,866
Total 52,285

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