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DiscovertheForest.org Sweepstakes

Campaign - Re-Connecting Kids with Nature 2009

Length: 8 weeks

North Face gift certificates. Grand Prize ($1000), 10 first place winners ($100), 20 weekly winners ($50)

: $30,000


  • To extend and amplify the "Re-connecting Kids with Nature" campaign's message reach beyond traditional PSA exposure

  • To provide the campaign a social media and PR outreach program that drives immediate behavior change


  • Create and launch an easy-to-understand, interactive sweepstakes for tweens that encourages them to head out into nature, explore, and return with a photo or piece of artwork that represents their journey


  • During the promotional period (Sept Nov 2009), the Sweeps Microsite page received 10,725 page views
  • 300 people entered photos into the sweepstakes, and an additional 1,022 sweeps entries were receiving via weekly voting

  • In the three month window of promotion, the sweeps banners garnered $151,357.72 worth of donated media, resulting in 14MM impressions

  • The sweepstakes engaged the target to go into nature as well as generating additional buzz and online conversation about the campaign, furthering the reach of our "Re-connecting Kids with Nature" message.


  • Continue to keep the barrier of entry low as this helps to encourage greater participation
  • Offering a weekly prize helps boost the number of repeat visitors

  • Leverage a promotional partnership opportunity with a kid- or family-targeted media company to increase awareness and provide a broader digital marketing program to increase program exposure

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