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The Digital Media group creates interactive media plans for all campaigns based on its strategy, message and target audience. We have developed relationships with more than 250 online media partners, sites and networks that reach a broad spectrum of target audiences. The plan will incorporate some of these established partners as well as new sites that we feel would be a good match for the campaign.

Traditionally, the Ad Council receives tremendous support for its banner PSAs. However, as with all donated media, we cannot guarantee placement or impressions. We may also recommend that you consider other online advertising opportunities such as streaming media, rich media, viral or mobile and wireless marketing.

During the length of a campaign, there may be additional media opportunities that will require ad units to be resized, co-branded, or modified in some way. We strongly recommend that you budget some extra money to be able to take advantage of these opportunities.

A campaign's agency, the website development firm, or the Ad Council's Digital Media department can produce online creative materials. We can make recommendations as to the type of online advertising to create as well as the creative itself. Often times, the type and creative of an online ad can impact its potential media donations, so it is important to keep us involved.

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