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Building a Better Banner Ad

Rich Media incorporates animation, sound, video and interactivity within an online ad unit. It can be used individually or combined with technologies such as streaming media, sound, flash and other programming languages such as Java, Javascript and DHTML. The interactivity makes rich media a great way to connect our campaign messages to their audience. Rich media takes up more bandwidth than a traditional banner. Inventory for these units is scarce, making it more difficult to get placement. However, even with the challenge of placing rich media, we encourage campaigns to create it when possible.

Example: One variety of rich media is interactive questions and polls. Interpolls (www.interpolls.com) is well-known for incorporating questions within ad units and integrating various marketing solutions to engage the target audience. Interpolls partnered with the Ad Council, donating an ad unit for our Terrorism Preparedness campaign that captured audience responses to questions relating to being prepared in emergency situations.

Case Study - Civic Engagement

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