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Going Mobile with Your Message

In an effort to continue to find innovative ways to share our messages with our audience, the Ad Council has tapped into Mobile and Wireless marketing via mobile phones and handheld products.  More and more campaigns are exploring mobile opportunities to expand the reach of their campaign issues.  Mobile opportunities now include full service mobile marketing efforts through text messaging, polling, quizzes, short codes or building WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) enabled sites.  The digital group also manages relationships with to mobile advertising networks such as JumpTap, Mojiva, and Millennial Media.

Mobile marketing opportunities provide integrated entertainment and marketing services to build and retain mobile audiences. Through the use of SMS technology we leverage the unique interactive and peer-to-peer mobile capabilities to extend the impact of our campaigns. Mobile marketing programs of this nature can be costly but the Ad Council has secured a great non-profit rate for our sponsors through partnerships with companies such as Cellit and Verizon.Some examples of sms campaigns include:

RegisterandVote2004 -  we were able to spur almost 3,000 users to get text messaging on their phone. They were sent messages that consisted of polls, reminders to vote, and fun facts.

Financial Literacy users were sent reminders to save on the 15th and 30th

High School Dropout Prevention we developed wake up calls from NBA superstar Amare Stoudemire  and users could download ring tones.

Wireless Amber Alerts users can sign up for wireless amber alerts.
Childhood Obesity Prevention
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