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You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Q: Why does a campaign have a relatively low donated media value?
A: There are a number of variables that can decrease the donated media a campaign receives. Some of the most common reasons include: Having only one size of banner created, having banner sizes that are not commonly run, having a campaign that websites may be reluctant to run, and having only Spanish language creative available. Also, sites like fresh banners, sites that have run your PSAs in previous months may have stopped running them.

Q: Why does the donated media value decrease a few months after a campaign launches?
A: When a campaign launches we attempt to get it as much initial exposure as possible by running banners on many different and very popular sites. However, as the months go on, new campaigns launch and we will try to get those campaigns a similar level of exposure. Older campaigns are rotated out to make way for new ones. You should consider refreshing your creative occasionally to try to keep your donated media value steadier.

Q: Can you provide more tracking detail than what is included in the quarterly reports?
A: Yes, but for any particular quarter expect this request to take at least 2 weeks. Also, we will not fill this type of request for a quarter that does not have finalized reporting.

Q: The agency is producing the banners for a campaign, not Creative Services. How should the materials be delivered?
A: The completed ad units as well as any Photoshop files or other creative elements need to be delivered to the Ad Council. Please ask the agency to place the files in our FTP directory and alert Creative Services to expect them.

There is a folder called Interactive Services, create a folder for the campaign and have the agency transfer the files to that folder. We will be happy to assist in any way you need to make this happen.

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