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Beyond a necessity to simply go where the audience has, online initiatives offer unique opportunities for high quality engagement with a message and the issue surrounding it.  Most, if not all, of our PSAs direct the audience to an online destination. What happens when they get there is vital to keeping them involved with an issue.

Newer developments in online media, such as the explosion of social networking sites and user-generated content (often referred to as Web 2.0), make it possible to do more than have a one-way conversation driving to the website. There is also an opportunity to create campaigns which take on viral elements and foster organic support around an issue. The web is about developing one to one relationships and engaging our audience to take action.

The Web Development group has the resources, in-house and through our many partners, to assist our sponsors in determining an appropriate online strategy given all the opportunities that exist. In the case a sponsor needs to incorporate a campaign message into an already established online presence, our team can also be involved to ensure this happens most effectively. We can identify the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of a sponsor's site as they relate to the campaign message and target audience, and provide recommendations for improvement.

Through the process of developing an online strategy, the Web Development group will make considerations for all technical concerns, including website requirements and functionality specifications. Our group should be considered a resource, both technical and strategic, throughout the course of a campaign.

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