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Long Term Care

The Ad Council's Web Development group has the capabilities to provide sponsors with web hosting and site maintenance at reasonable rates. For sites hosted by the Ad Council, our group also has the ability to manage minor content updates as needed. Rates vary according to site functionality and the services required; once details are agreed upon, we can create an estimate for hosting and maintenance services.

Site Enhancements

To keep an existing website updated and relevant to a campaign's current PSA work, we have the resources to make recommendations for, and to manage site enhancements. Regular site updates are also necessary to keep returning visitors engaged and interested in an issue. This work does require time, however, and the process of planning for it should begin early.

Tracking and Reporting

To help understand the impact and performance of a website, and its users' behavior, we prepare monthly tracking reports on a variety of site analytics. This data helps inform future online strategies.

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