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Q. How do I request a change to information and/or campaign assets on AdCouncil.org?
A. Please use our online request forms, available here http://interactive.adcouncil.org/requests.asp

Q. How long does a website take to develop?
A. Projects vary tremendously in size and scope, but as a general rule of thumb, if you anticipate a web site being integral to your campaign launch, you should think of it in the same terms as your PSAs they take time to develop and there is a process to getting it done. The earlier we're involved, the better.

Q. What should I budget for website development?
A. For ballpark purposes, basic static websites start at approximately 15-20k on the high end, with database driven content and flash development going for 100k and up. Campaign needs and resources vary widely; bring us into the discussion early, and we can help you determine an appropriate budget, and help get the most for our sponsors' money.

Q. But I don't think there's enough in the budget to do anything interactive?
A. While website development can be expensive, all of our vendors appreciate that we are a non-profit and operate on a donated media model. Additionally, there are often simple, less expensive solutions that we can help develop to meet a sponsor's needs and budget.

Q. I'm having a problem with my campaign assets in PSACentral and/or ACORN help!?
A. Please refer to our Interactive Services Tip Sheet for detailed information on how these sites are managed and your responsibilities as a campaign manager. Please direct questions/concerns with ACORN to helpdesk@adcouncil.org. Questions regarding PSACentral can be directed to Katya Issaeva in Interactive Services.

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