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Domain Name Registration Form

Interactive Services' Role - We purchase and manage all Ad Council and campaign domain names using www.GoDaddy.com. It is best that all domain names are managed by IS, we ask that you do not purchase domains on behalf of your campaign. If your sponsor or agency already has secured any domain names that will potentially be used for a campaign, please let us know.

Selecting a Domain Name - The choice of domain name typically stems directly from campaign creative, however it should not be so tied to the creative so as to prevent its continued use as a campaign evolves. 

.org & .com - For a variety of strategic reasons, a campaign may decide to use the extension .org or .com in the domain name, however in either case, both must be secured. Other common extensions such as .info and .net should also be secured. 

Alternative Spellings - Because users are lead to our sites from a variety of sources, at the time a domain name is selected, as many obvious (and not so obvious) alternative spellings or common misspellings should also be registered.

Example: If the domain name is URTheSpokesperson.com, it is A MUST to also secure YouAreTheSpokesperson.com. 

Domain name availability - A quick search on www.GoDaddy.com can determine whether or not a domain is readily available to register. However, there are varying degrees of availability, described here: 

Available - A domain is available if no other person in the history of the world has had the need or thought to register it.

Registered, but Potentially Available - Domains are frequently registered but not in use by their owner (commonly referred to as "domain squatting"). In such cases, IS will make every effort possible to contact the current owner and negotiate the purchase or lease of the domain. Success is entirely dependent on the responsiveness and willingness of a domain's owner.

Registered and In Use: A domain is considered unavailable if it directs to a live and active web site. This is a basic search that anyone can do by trying to visit the domain name under consideration.

There is a nuance here with registered and seemingly in use domain names. Many domains direct to pages that are simply banner and text ads for goods or services, or look like some kind of search or search results page.The domain owner is hoping people find this site, and click on the ads, because clicks earn the owner money.The site may be labeled as "parked" which is the same thing. The Interactive group can help determine whether or not this domain may be available for purchase.

Domain Name Cost This depends on its availability. If you've selected an available domain name, congratulations, it will only cost the campaign about $15.00 per year to register it. If it is not available, the costs vary widely. Costs will depend on the quality/usability of the domain, and the willingness of the current owner to sell it. Our campaigns have paid anywhere between $500.00 and $15,000.00 for a domain that was already registered.

Registration and Renewal

  • When should domain registration take place? AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE! As soon as you know you will need a new website, please let us know.
  • Any domains that are presented as part of an agency's initial creative presentation, including to the sponsor and the CRC, must first be vetted for availability. Depending on a domain's availability, a strategy for selecting and securing alternative domain names should be put into place at that time.
  • This form is to be used to request the registration of a new domain: http://interactive.adcouncil.org/requests_domain.asp
  • Interactive Services manages the renewal of domain names. We automatically renew any domains that are in use.

 The Process of Selecting and Securing a domain name 

  1. If an agency will be including recommendations for a campaign domain name to the sponsor or CRC, Interactive Services must know this prior so that its availability can be determined. Any recommendation should include the status of a domains's availability, and alternative recommendations for any domain that is not immediately available.
  1. Campaign Management is responsible for sharing these recommendations with Interactive Services by completing the Domain Registration Form
  1. Interactive Services will register all available domain names and pursue any negotiations if applicable, using the below document to maintain a record of this activity. 
  1. When applicable, Campaign Management and Interactive Services will jointly determine a deadline for when the domain name must be finalized. 

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